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Are You Into Hucow Play? Here Are 3 Ways to Tell


    What is the Hucow Fantasy About?

    Hucow is an erotic role-playing fantasy that incorporates nipple play, cosplay, bondage & discipline, and other elements together in a wonderful mix that enhances relationships. Typically it means a lady (or submissive partner) pretends to be a loved pet cow that needs her breasts to be stimulated by her man (or dominant partner).

    For some women, to be cared for like this is an understandable fantasy. It has perfectly drawn roles for men and women. It absolves the submissive of responsibility while giving the dominant a way to have control in ways that reinforces their femininity. This of course assumes that informed and enthusiastic consent is given. More on consent can be found here.

    In adult literature, it remains a popular topic. Characters may be forced into a hucow fantasy lifestyle for support of others or may elect to turn themselves into a hucow out of the urge to fulfill breastfeeding fetishes.

    Literotica has many hucow fantasy stories on its website.

    There are several authors whose work primarily focuses on the lifestyle: Jezebel Divelle, Violet Kirkwood, Narcissa Rivers, and Millie Woodward.

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    How To Tell If The Hucow Fantasy Is a Good Fit?

    I. You Prefer Dominant Partners

    Women who are into hucow fantasies typically prefer dominant partners. Dominants have the personality trait of being in the decisive role in a relationship. They hold control and sanction most of what goes on in the relationship. While it does come with a lot of responsibility, there are many benefits. When a couple is working as a team, supporting each other and accepting the other’s dominant nature, it leads to them avoiding a lot of arguments. The subordinate partner trusts and accepts decisions taken by the dominant one, leaving very little room for sparking arguments and fights. This also helps eliminate stress between the partners built up due to poor relations between them.
    When the sole outcome of dominant and subordinate partners in a relationship is stability and ensuring matters run smoothly, dominance and subordination is the best choice and should be distinct from the start of the relationship. The partners choose to cooperate over all matters and face challenges together, developing mutual love and understanding which would eventually lead their relationship to happiness and success.
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    II. You Enjoy Nipple Stimulation

    anr abf houston ice play nipples
    Using Ice to stimulate nipples.

    Nipple play is the art of caressing, kissing, licking, and stimulating your partner’s breasts and nipples lovingly. This form of sex play is great for foreplay and can turn up the heat in any sexual encounter. Why is nipple stimulation erotogenic? The nipples have over 800 nerve endings, and it has long been known that nipple stimulation, as in breast-feeding, releases the love hormone oxytocin. Ancient texts encouraged men to suck on women’s nipples, because doing so causes women’s bodies and minds to relax.

    But more recent data suggests that nipple nerves may actually be linked directly to the brain. A 2011 study by psychologists at Rutgers University discovered that nipple stimulation actually ‘lights up’ the same area of a woman’s brain as cervix, clitoris and vagina stimulation does.

    When female volunteers were asked to lie inside a magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner and rhythmically tap on their nipples, scientists noticed that the nipple stimulation activated the same brain areas as genital stimulation.

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    III. You Enjoy Bondage

    anr abf houston breast bondage example
    An example of rope bondage.

    Bondage sex refers to a form of sex play that involves consensually tying or restraining a partner in a sex position to give or receive sexual pleasure. Bondage sex is a consensual activity that involves using physical restraints to restrict a partner’s freedom of movement. It is a perfectly healthy and respectful form of sexual activity.

    A 2017 study notes that roughly 1 in 5 Americans has engaged in bondage play, and another 2017 study adds that interest in BDSM is present in most of the general population. Historically, people have viewed this practice as subversive, taboo, and an indication of being psychologically unwell.

    However, there has been a shift in the narrative in recent years, and many experts now view consensual BDSM activities as a relatively common and healthy form of intimacy.

    Additionally, a 2015 study investigating females in the kink community adds that bondage is a preferable activity, with more than 85% of individuals indicating they participate in bondage for sensual or erotic pleasure.

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    So I Want To Become A Hucow. What Should I Do?

    Role-playing can be an exciting and engaging way of exploring one’s fantasies related to being a hucow, without the need for actual physical transformation. It allows individuals to experiment with different scenarios in their minds while still maintaining control over how far they want to take it.

    For those who are interested in physically transforming into a hucow, there is no right way and every individual’s journey will be unique. Some may might opt for makeup techniques like airbrushing or special effects make-up.

    Some women also enjoy trying to stimulate their breasts until milk drops come in, which is a natural response that occurs during pregnancy and can be replicated through mimicking the hormonal changes associated with it. This practice has become popular among those who want to experience this sensation without actually being pregnant or having kids.

    anr abf houston pumping breast milk
    A woman getting her drops in.

    Overall, becoming a hucow is not limited by physical attributes; it’s about embracing one’s fantasies in an imaginative way that suits their individual preferences best.

    Where Can I Meet Others Into This?

    Don’t have a partner? Use the Online Communities page on the Lactation Wiki to start your search. Local to Houston? Visit our events and contact us page.

    Good luck on your journey into hucow fantasies!