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ANR Houston Movie Night: December 6th 2023 – Bad Santa

Bad Santa Movie Party Night with The Houston Titty Committee!

This December 6th, join us for an unforgettable holiday movie night you won’t want to miss! We’re screening the hilarious classic Bad Santa at the stylish HEAT venue from 7 to 10 pm. To make the night extra festive, we’re providing delicious chili, creamy eggnog and fresh-baked Christmas cookies to fuel the yuletide cheer. And the best part? Anyone who shows up in their most outrageous Santa suit will be entered to win an amazing prize! This highly-anticipated movie night is poised to become a new holiday tradition. Be there for an evening of laughter, libations, prizes and holiday spirit you’ll remember for years to come. Ho ho ho – we can’t wait to celebrate with you!
Get into the spirit and don your best Santa suit for a chance to win an exciting prize! Admission is $15, at the door and $10 in advance payable via cashapp prepay.

But hold your horses! We have a few fun-tastic rules to follow:

Cuddle Commandments: Offer a high-five to your potential cuddle cohort and belt out a “Heck yes?” Wait for their ecstatic endorsement before you belly flop into a cuddle puddle! Remember, only a jubilant “Yes!” cracks open the cuddle vault. If someone’s not jiving, don’t be a jive-jammer – honor their vibe. Anyone ignoring the cuddle commandments will be booted out with ludicrous speed.

Fashion Festival: Vanila to the door. Once inside, feel free to slip into your party peacock attire or your chillaxing unicorn onesie – the fashion galaxy is yours to conquer!

Smellabration: Let’s keep our socializing super fresh! Shower up and lather with love before your arrival, so you’re as fresh as a daisy (or at least not like a sweat sock). If you’ve been around smoke, weed, or just completed a triathlon – it’s time for Shower: The Sequel. Deodorant is your BFF – bring it to the party!

Secret Squirrel Business: Got a whisper-quiet word about safety or consent issues with a guest? Slide into our DMs like a ninja and we’ll tackle it with top-secret precision.

Party Peace: Keep the vibes as pure as your intentions – no smoking or drugs, please. Let’s keep our minds as clear as a crystal lake.

Mellow Mantra: Don’t be the bulldozer who makes it weird. If someone’s not up for something, let it slide. We’re all about the cheer and chill here.

Film Funster Free-for-all: Unleash your hidden humorist and let loose with the sassy remarks during the movie! It’s all about having a hoot, so let your laughter flag flutter!

Provisions: We’ve got you covered with some bottled water and paper goods, but it’s a BYOB/potluck parade here. Bring your favorite munchies, plastic utensils, and perhaps a little extra to share with your fellow fun-seekers. Let the good times roll!

On a serious note, we’re all about creating an inclusive and safe space. We consider consent and respect as crucial as popcorn at a movie night. At any given time, there are at least 2 safety superheroes ready to assist. No one is ever obligated to take part in any activity they’re not comfy with. Our goal is to promote interest in ANR/ABF in a safe social setting, so watching from the sidelines without pressure to join in is always A-okay. We empower all party-goers to take control of their situations; however, help is always at hand if you need it. Your voice will echo loud and clear here.

The event is in Houston, Texas. For the exact address, ask in our Telegram Group.

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Dec 06 2023


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